Our team list 2

  • Razuana Chowdhury Rinty

    Intern- Office Management
    Razuana Chowdhury Rinty is a dedicated Office management professional with a strong passion for her work....
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  • Sharif Sarwar

    Consultant (Underwater & Marine Ecology)
    Sharif Sarwar is an acclaimed and passionate underwater photographer renowned for his expertise in capturing...
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  • Asad Iqbal

    IT Consultant
    Asad Iqbal is a highly skilled and passionate IT professional with a diverse educational background and...
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  • Md. Shamimuzzaman

    Legal Advisor
    Shamimuzzaman is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in accounting and legal...
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  • Riaj Sohel

    Cinematographer & Content Creator
    Riaj Sohel currently works as a cinematographer at Ecostructive Limited, where he brings his unique perspective...
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  • Sulaiman Hasan Hridoy

    Marketing Specialist
    Sulaiman Hasan Hridoy is a highly skilled marketing specialist with over 5 years of experience in the...
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  • Suman Matubbar

    Public Relation Officer
    Suman Matubbar is a dedicated journalist with over 08 years of experience in the field. He holds a BSS...
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  • Mahfuja Akter Disha

    Human Resource Management Executive
    Mahfuja Akter Disha is a dedicated HR professional with a strong passion for her work. She holds a BBA...
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