company history

The company is enriched with an expert knowledge bank as well as a skilled and dedicated team to work in challenging environments and accustomed to newer changes and demands of the business. We are determined to maintain our reputation and network with the clients through our continuous value-added service.

  • 2021

    start with a small service

    Ecostructive Limited starts with a dream of taking the business to a new era with innovation and integrity holding the slogan “Dare for Better”. This Bangladeshi Company was founded on 15th December 2021 starting with the business purpose of Supply and Service, 1st class contractor, e-commerce, IT, agro, and tourism. The company is dedicated to working actively towards a sustainable future providing professional services and authentic products as well.

  • 2022

    first employees

    Company Description

  • 2022

    first recognition

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  • 2023

    consulting wp — corporation or family

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